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My observation will of course be denied by such persons as coin and use the terms, but I point out that it is gratuitous to use the term "transphobic" (or similar locutions such as "homophobic") since someone who thinks such persons are mentally ill is neither exhibiting "hatred," nor the literally accurate "fear," of them.  (The way words really work, the word “transphobic” would have to mean “fearing motion,” not “hatred of persons who have apparently surgically altered their gender;” and “homophobic” would have to mean “fear of men;” but I do not wish to discuss proper usage here, merely intended meaning.)  The very terms are wishful typecasting, technically called psychological projection, on the part of transsexuals and homosexuals, or others using language this way.  "Transphobic" and "Homophobic" are similarly inaccurate terms, and are attempts by diseased minds to transfer their insecurity into an imagined hostility they incorrectly wish to define as coming from outside themselves.

People who believe such persons are mentally ill do not on that basis alone exhibit "phobia," which is fear, nor hate.  Actual acts of hate are indeed sometimes exhibited, and such acts are unacceptable and themselves possibly neurotic or psychotic; and it is plainly unacceptable to act hatefully toward someone merely because they are ill. But merely to refuse to accept surgical transfer of gender as a viable self-definition, or to refuse homosexuality as a viable human activity, is not hateful.  In suggesting such hatefulness the sick mind is attempting to project its own imbalance onto others as though those others are behaving differently than they are.  And in so doing such mentally disturbed persons are certainly exhibiting dysfunctional behavior.

Most people who do not accept these neurotic predilections, which verge on psychotic insofar as they threaten their own or others' health (whether through wounds or disease brought on by inappropriate use of bodily organs, or through non-indicated surgeries or therapies), are demonstrating neither fear nor hatred of "transgender" or homosexual persons.

There is of course no such category as genuinely "transgender" persons, since the individual is defined neither by apparent genitalia nor merely by socialized behavior.  (A male whose penis is removed is not therefore a female; he is a male whose penis has been removed.) A doctor trying to cure "transgender" or homosexual individuals of their disorder would not be doing so out of fear or hatred, but the patients' idea that the doctor is hateful if he wishes to cure them is certainly a defense mechanism; this much cannot reasonably be denied.

The very fact that such individuals speak in terms (at the time in 2012 of this writing) of seeking “allies” is an important clue that theirs is an unviable belief system.

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Posted 9/11/2012.