Two Programs of Music of CF, Given in May 1998

Produced by Christopher Fulkerson

CF and Friends Poster


In 1998, with the help of many friends, some of whom were in the audience to show their support, I gave two programs of my music. Three of the Michelangelo Fantasies were given their World Premiere performances, and the whole concert was skillfully recorded by my oldest extant friend, Michael Halloran, whom I have known since Junior High School; he now works for ASCAP. With his help and that of Patricia Velarde these and other, earlier performances were combined to form my double CD set MODERNISM FOREVER.

I thought it would be appropriate to give one of the programs at Fulkerson Recital Hall, at California State University at Humboldt, where the concert was videotaped; this footage will be edited and eventually released.

The concert was supported with generous help from she who was my main friend for many years, Ruth Caron Jacobs, about whom you may if you wish read more HERE.

At right is the flyer that was sent out for the concert. The color scanned in was chartreuse.



Posted February 9, 2010.