by Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk

Unusual Aerial Phenomenon Over San Francisco Bay
Photograph by Christopher Fulkerson

Copyright 1999 by Christopher Fulkerson
All Rights Reserved

America is not about people. It is about cars. "Opportunity for the individual;" "The right to succeed through your own efforts;" and "Individual contractor" are all different ways to say "auto-mobile," and there are many similar cliches in American usage.

I believe it likely that the word "America" comes from the Hebrew word "Merkabah," which in Biblical Hebrew means "Chariot," and in modern Hebrew means "Tank."

Many people think that America was named after an otherwise utterly insignificant conquistador named Amerigo Vespucci. But there are two problems with this. First of all, people are really dumb unless they at least ask, where does HIS name come from? To this I reply that it doesn't matter what the origin of his name is, it is used as the pretext because it sounds like the word that was desired. You are supposed to make an inference, not consult a dictionary. So I have asked an obvious question that all thinking people should ask in this situation, and offered an answer at variance with the expected line of reasoning. I hope this doesn't confuse anybody too much.

Secondly, of all people, why him? I suggest that his name was allowed to be put forward, since it bore a resemblance to the real nature that was developing for the New World, one in which ships and horses and before very long chariots of all kinds would be used to prevail.

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