By Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk


Polygamy involving one male, and polyandry involving one female, are most compatible with current morals if the one male in polygamy, or the one female in polyandry, are in charge in their respective groups.

Polygamy with one male, run by the females, and polyandry with one female, run by the men, reduces the single one to the status of odalisque. This might be what all the people involved want, including the sex slave, and I personally think there is nothing wrong with that, if everybody is happy with the situation. But these latter marital configurations would least resemble the environment of personal development that many people who have conservative views of marriage believe is a desirable part of that institution. An odalisque might grow constantly in love, but if marriage is to be a partnership of growth in both love and wisdom, the single one should be in charge.

The above being said, it may be observed that the effectiveness of group marriage is greater with the males in charge, whether in polygamy or polyandry.

The problem for polyandry with the single female in charge is that the female nature is passive, and therefore less effective at the active and often insensitive command of the world that dealing with the world requires. A female in charge might simply send her males out to "make more money," but any complications in the world will reduce their effectiveness. A rich male in charge of a harem of women who do not work in the world is structurally no different from what is called a "traditional" marriage. Women who believe in polygamy do most for the institution by working in the world.

Polygamy with the single male in charge, and polyandry again with the men in charge, most resembles conventional monogamy. If a woman wants to be in charge, she can be most effective in a monogamous marriage. It is quite possible this is one of the reasons monogamy pravails in the world. The idea that women are traditionally disempowered is an illusion, since, being passive, the female power is less detectable than the male. But that does not mean it has been any less present throughout history.

If the group marriage involves a male in charge and one female in the superior position, or the gender reversal of this, and until the persecution by the pro-monogamous faction ends, there is no reason to insist on formal marriage of the junior wives.

Another important aspect of the gauging of the effectiveness of different types of marriage is that due to the fact that the male body commands the female, and the female body takes orders from the male. Marriages with a versimilitude between this "command structure" due to procreative nature, and the social structure of the relationship, are most likely to florish.


Posted 3/2/2010.