By Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk

Religion is to an adherent's intelligence what a bandage is to a wound inflicted by the conqueror who inflicts it.   If you think you need the bandage you are probably right, but you should try to realize that it is an expedient administered, or made to seem necessary, by those who have defeated your will.   Other therapies, especially those of your own devising, are probably better for you, if you have the courage, individuality, intelligence and creativity to invent and apply them.   Religion can still be a very good expedient to a limited degree of spirituality and mental health.   However, the real purpose of every religion (especially the monotheistic ones) is world conquest; when your will is conquered, a world is conquered; religious practice exists to create opportunities to impart secret knowledge; and that task is not possible for psychological mendicants, and is in fact often obstructed by their presence. In a religion, the presence of psychological mendicants is only useful as a cover to the secret agenda of the religion.   The orthodox are puppets of the deceased.   Generally, but especially among the political right, people think that no one’s level of spiritual attainment exceeds their own.   They can scarcely imagine that they are the patients, while other people in their community are the doctors.   Religionists are childish mental patients who assume the responsibilities of soldiers to fight their fellow patients for control of the hospital they both think is the world, ignoring their doctors and never realizing that out there is an adult universe that will never consider them fit to live in it.


Updated 11/9/2009