By Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk

Every religion is a world conquest effort. In this sense the Muslim religion is the only reasonably successful religion, and Buddhism is the most reasonably intelligent religion. Christianity changes too much between nations and regimes, it has almost no real identity; the religious component of Judaism is too insular; the wealth of Hinduism does not really extend beyond India, and is being eroded by conformity to Western culture and law, and by the problems that accrue to its overlarge population; the possibilities of Mormonism are effectively obliterated by persecution against its sexual method, and insensitivity to its revelatory principal, which is its real gift to the world. As the chief remaining practitioner of the religion of Communism, China is morally hindered by its huge population, which requires the government to plan its famines and to ignore both the feelings of its people, and its industrial waste. But China's Communism is questionable as such.

The chief advantage of Mohammadenism is its sense of justice; and its chief weapon is its sexual practices, which guarantee it an army; its chief disadvantage is that its practitioners disagree violently with one another. The chief advantage of Christianity is its ability to work under different regimes, making it the biggest political whore among major religions; and its chief weapon is also overpopulation; its chief disadvantage is that it is stupid. The chief advantage of Buddhism is that it fits best with advanced intellectual systems such as psychology and physics, making its constituency the most intelligent (Seventy percent of American Buddhists have a Master's Degree or higher, and millions of Japanese working girls write novels on their cell phones); its chief weapon is insight; its chief disadvantage is that it takes study and constant vigilent awareness to understand (it shares this difficulty with Mormonism). The chief advantage of Judaisim is its wisdom; its chief weapon is law; its chief disadvantage is its inability to choose any particular political methods. The chief advantage of Hinduism is its proliferation of options for the practitioner; its chief weapon is social stratification; its chief disadvantage is that it isn't really one religion (Its advantage is its disadvantage). The chief advantage of Mormonism is its integration of Christian, Muslim and even Buddhist practise, though this is denegrated and persecuted to the point that not even most Mormons seem to know this (the chief skill their religion could help the world develop, if only the world would allow it, and they themselves would persue it, is insight; this is surprisingly Buddhist); its chief weapon is politics; and its chief disadvantages are that it is tied up in politics, that it has been persecuted beyond recognition of its origins, and its practitioners don't communicate to outsiders the insight into moment-to-moment revelation that is their treasure (probably because most of them don't practice it; they might be allowing too much of the stupidity of Christianity). The chief advantage of Chinese Communism is its ability to function with the lowest common denomenator of society; its chief weapon is, once again, overpopulation; its chief disadvantage is lack of application outside the peasant basis of its methods (its advantage creates its disadvantage).

If we could combine these efforts we could have a just, sexually free; flexible; insightful; wise, law-abiding; prolific, discreet; and integrative (and did I mention sexually free?) society not reliant upon social status... and we might be able to reduce the compulsion that so many of these systems have toward reliance on increasing their populations. But we would have to figure out who's the boss, and we would have to do what he says... for much longer than two weeks.

The next stage of human development, if we survive to reach it, should involve freeing sexuality from procreation, and integrating sexuality with insight. Buddhism is closest to this in every way; Hinduism still has to free itself from procreation, but of course it has the full apparatus of insight teachings; Mormonism has the entire scenario in potentio but not in any way in practise (this is due to their lack of liturgical requirement - they are un-cultural, with important exceptions); Islam could go this direction easily enough, if it could rid itself of its armor of right, and it does have the problem about procreation; Judaism has the insight teachings available in a part of its tradition not generally approved by its religious leaders, so there is another problem with right, but at least there is no problem whatsoever with overpopulation; Chinese Communism is most retarded here, having actively persecuted its insight teachings and relied on numbers to get things done.


Posted November 15, 2009