CF Speaks Out Against the Taxi Advisory Council
May 3, 2011

by Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk
Christopher Fulkerson Speaks
Simulcast Imagery
CF Speaks against "Peak TIme" medallions
and against SFMTA Misappropriation of funds
Meeting of the SFMTA Board, March 1, 2011
Photograph and Image Title by Ed Healy

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The Taxi Advisory Committee is the SF equivalent of the smoke-filled conspiratorial room.    It is a sham and its findings are a sham.    I had to point out that it was voting on motions before allowing public comment.    Its upcoming approval of the Taxi Sales Program will reflect a vote only achieved by force by filibuster.

The Committee is politically lopsided, to the point that its recommendations have to be considered not representative of the citizenry involved in the cab industry.

If I said nothing else today I would need to say two other things.    Firstly I accuse you, Nate Ford, of tasking Christiane Hayashi in a manner that will earn her the enmity of certain factors if the industry, in order to get her fired, as everybody knows you want.   Secondly I accuse all Labor representatives at MUNI of a lack of fraternal solidarity with the cab drivers who are now also administered by the MTA.

The committee is lopsided from the point of view of the sacrifice made by its participants.   The cab company executives are paid to be there, or at the very least profit directly from being there.   The driver representatives have to reduce their meager income to take off work to be there.    At least one driver representative is routinely absent.  

The Committee’s seats are heavily skewed in favor of the sale of medallions.    There should not be three seats for the large cab companies, there should be only one.    The clearly anti-labor orientation of the Committee is revealed in the fact that the United Taxicab Workers have no seat.    There should not be a seat for any Driver Representative who votes against issues expressly on the point of whether they might lead to him paying taxes.    Such a vote is a serious violation of the drivers’ interests.

The Medallion Holder’s Association representative draws a paycheck just to do the very thing he’s doing on the committee, which consists with one other member of a month-and-a-half-long filibuster to force a vote approving the Medallion Sales Program, leaving crucial issues unaddressed, indeed ridiculed.

I am in agreement with the representative from Yellow Cab who pointed out that the many meetings about the Uniform Contract were a waste of time.    When the filibuster came one of its planks was that we were missing deadlines.     We were set up to be knocked down.


First posted 12/7/2011.