CF Expresses a Qualified Solidarity:
WITH the Drivers, But AGAINST Their Self-Proclaimed Leader Tariq Mehmood
June 21, 2011

by Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk
Christopher Fulkerson Speaks
Simulcast Imagery
CF Speaks against "Peak TIme" medallions
and against SFMTA Misappropriation of funds
Meeting of the SFMTA Board, March 1, 2011
Photograph and Image Title by Ed Healy

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I am in solidarity with today’s demonstration as a matter of legitimate concern for laborers, the fruit of their work, and unreasonable and ignorant threats to these.    One unreasonable threat to these is the MTA’s obsolete conflation of “service” with “more cabs;” Malcolm Heinecke is the most insistent upon this mistake.    I’d like to just ask, what part of “good service means good dispatch” don’t you understand?

Of the recent TAC recommendations, the most useful to genuinely improving taxi service is Open Taxi Access, making it into a Google Maps type of publicly-operated cab dispatch.    What better way to solve supposed service problems than to empower the people with this capacity themselves?

I am not in agreement with the crude efforts of Tariq Mahmood to unseat Chris Hayashi.   Unseating a regulator has to be for better reasons than that they are acting as regulators.    The situation is comparable to hoodlums demonstrating against the police for doing no different work with their faction than they do with any other.    Please make your decisions without regard for Mr. Mahmood’s brand of terrorism.

Mahmood is an opportunist who began his present campaign only after Hayashi turned down the request of his banker friends, engaged in what are clearly predatory lending practices, including the disallowance of early payment, to be the loaners for the Medallion Sales program.    His fundamental objections are, in reality, to anything that could lead to him or his type of driver paying equable income tax.    I believe his activities also have the effect of obscuring the issues of the known illegal activities of the cab medallion brokers.

Civilized society involves the willingness of all citizens to be ready to answer reasonable requests of accountability.    Tariq Mahmood is not reasonable, and some of his objections, to electronic waybills for example, clearly reveal his unwillingness to make an accounting of himself, now or in the future.


First posted 12/7/2011.