CF Denounces Tariq Mehmood, Self-Proclaimed Leader of the SF Cab Drivers,
And Supports Promoting Deputy Director Hayashi and Her SFMTA Taxi Division
Summer 2011

by Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk
Christopher Fulkerson Speaks
Simulcast Imagery
CF Speaks against "Peak TIme" medallions
and against SFMTA Misappropriation of funds
Meeting of the SFMTA Board, March 1, 2011
Photograph and Image Title by Ed Healy

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The real reason Tariq Mehmood wants rid of Christiane Hayashi is, as everybody in the cab industry is supposed to know, that she refused to hire his banker friends to be the lenders in the experimental and highly controversial Medallion Sales Program.     She did this because Mehmood’s banker buddies wanted to charge exorbitant early payment fees to drivers who took their loans.    Obviously that would not be in the drivers’ interests, so Hayashi acted quite correctly.

Before Hayashi put this obstacle in the way of Mehmood’s friend’s interests, Mehmood had no objection to her.   Once it was clear his buddies would not get the business, he began to object to everything she ever said, down to the minutest detail, in behavior that would shame any civilized person.

So a crucial part of Mehmood’s campaign has been in the interest of promoting the Medallion Sales Program, according to his desires.   Since, as persons with capital, the cab companies are generally in favor of medallion sales, they, and their henchmen such as Malcolm Heinecke, stand to benefit from any factor that will promote the policy of selling medallions.    Since the MTA itself is in gross conflict of interest as both the regulator of the cab industry and the chief beneficiary of the Medallion Sales program, they would like to have the cooperation of Mehmood.

Mehmood is the corrupt de facto agent of corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen in both finance and the cab industry.    He uses terrorist methods in both his personal and his organizational activities.    Any concession to him is only going to be a model to him and others like him who want to have their way without true democratic process.    Cave in to a terrorist once and you will have to cave in again, and again, and again.

Christiane Hayashi is the best thing that has ever happened to the cab industry in San Francisco in my 21 years in the industry here.    She AND HER DIVISION should be promoted.    She should be a Director, not a Deputy.


First posted 12/7/2011.