Or, Life At the Event Horizon

An Autobiography by Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk

The door in question is this one,
the solid wooden door which by covering in lamination
I made into my composition desk
and at which I have written most of my music.

This photograph is from my Capp Street Studio in the 1990s.

Links are to CF's writings that fit with the chapter projected. These writings will be in addition to the chapters planned.

Table of Contents

I: From Birth to Two Enlightenments

Introductory Disclaimer

You Can’t Brow-Beat Me Out of This: I Remember My Conception
And I Remember My Birth
A Harsh Childhood The Diet of Spiders
Growing Up In the 1960s
From Rock and Roll to Modernism
A Double Major at the Conservatory
First Marriage
Sudden Collapse of My First Marriage
The Contemporary Music Players; the Foundation of Ariel
Second Marriage
An Expert Unconscious Prospero
At the Girls Chorus Mathematician Among the Sirens
An Alleged Brain Tumor
St. Aidan’s Church and My Recovery of Christianity
I Realize I Am Writing A Music Festival
I Discover Philosophy: David Hume
Gradual Failure of My Second Marriage
First Irrefutable Glimpses of Another World
I Actually Experience Not One, but Two Samadhis My Two Enlightenments

II:  Deaths and Resurrections

Introduction: A Message from Christopher Wren

Unknown to All, I Crack the Great Code
Consciousness at the Event Horizon
Career Death: Yellow Cab Trapped In a City of Cyborgs
White Boy Learns Persecution in the Fabric of Everyday Life
Several Near-Death and Other Extraordinary Experiences
Holy Grail Physics and Other Thought Experiments
I Go for My Entire Heritage: Ancient Languages and Literature; Sitchin
The Wagner Society; Two Tours of Mexico; Temporary Return to the Catholic Church
Salvation Through Reading Decisive Books In My Life
At Least I Am A Taxi Dude: “They Got Saint Christopher!”
Return to Public Music Making: “Christopher Fulkerson and His Friends”
Life In an Inner City Crack House
Beyond Faith There Is Knowledge: I Actually See That the World Is Not Real
Opera Conductor, University Teacher
St. Gregory’s Church Leads to My Recovery from Christianity
I Begin Conventional Computer Studies
Austria; Real Estate During the Meltdown
Completing Planned Projects
Scientist of Musical Composition
A Labyrinth of My Thought: The Web Site
The Death of Ruth Remembering Ruth
Taxi Magus
Another Dedicated Program of My Music
Homer, Scribal Secrets, and Philosophy
Revelations at the Event Horizon


First Posted December 22, 2009. Last updated 10/12/2010.