of Christopher Fulkerson

CF's Composition Desk

Academic Recommendations
S.R. Beckler
, Professor Emeritus of Music, UOP; Composer
George Buckbee, Acting Dean of Music; UOP; Conductor, Pianist, and Singer
Elliott Carter, Composer
Andrew Imbrie, Prof. Emeritus of Music, UCB; Visiting Prof., Harvard; Composer
Olly Wilson, Professor of Music, UCB Composer

Recommendations from Orchestral Musicians
S. Katharine Hammond, Bassoonist, Professor of Environmental Science, UCB
Larry Oppenheim, Oboist and President of the Kensington Symphony Orchestra
Kay Raney, Bassist and Conductor

Personal Recommendations and Those from Other Musicians
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Composer: An Autograph to CF
Ward Swingle, Composer and Conductor of the Swingle Singers
Robert Hunter, Poet and Member of the Grateful Dead
Ruth Caron Jacobs, Arts Patroness (Deceased)
The Rt. Rev. James L. Jelinek, Bishop of Minnesota
Paul Wong, Former Landlord
Kari Erickson Levine, Former Landlord

Letters from Former Students
R.E. "Ari" Thompson, Testimonial: "A Life-Changing Tutorial On Contemporary Music"
Kenneth E. Berg, Music Appreciation Student; Businessman
Catharine E. Holt, Music Theory Student and Paid Teaching Assistant to CF
Sarah Norris, Music Theory Student and Volunteer Teaching Assistant to, and Singer for, CF
Music Appreciation Students from UC Berkeley and the UC Berkeley Extension
Students in the San Francisco Girls Chorus

Also available are these earlier letters of recomendation. These are all posted in good faith that none of the recommenders would want to change their views.
Harvey Sollberger, Composer, Conductor, and Flutist
Ward Swingle, Composer, Arranger, and Conductor
Andrew Frank, Composer
Anthony Milner, Composer, FRCM
Jean-Louis LeRoux, Conductor, Founder of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
Michelle Ekizian, Composer
Erik Lundborg, Composer
Glenn Lieberman, Composer
Michael Century, Pianist and Musicologist

The University of California Career Planning and Placement Center also has earlier letters on file, which may be requested from that office. Do not expect a swift or decisive reply; reliance on them to meet actual application deadlines was one of the biggest mistakes in my entire life.

The titles indicated for the persons listed are those of the individual at the time the letter was written. Contact information, for pertinent professional use only, may be made available by requesting it from CF at