Or, How the "Europe Business Guide" Tried to Bilk Me
By Christopher Fulkerson
May 18, 2011

For a pdf of the document (of the pages posted here below)
HISTORY OF A SCAM: Correspondence Between SF and "EU Business Guide,"

Quick way to look into this page: Google any of their names: EU Company Directory, Euro Business Guide, European Business Connection, World Business Directory, World Business Guide, World Company Register, and you will get "scam" references in all entries.
A Google search reveals a long blog about them.
Here is something about the "company" itself.
There is also a Facebook group that tracks them.

The story:

Late in 2010 or early in 2011, I got a card in the mail inviting me to list my business with an agency. I thought it was another freebie, so I sent in the name of my web site. I thought it was worth the ninety cents in postage. I did not read the "fine print."
They began by charging me 990 Euros, apparently to list my website. That would be 990 Euros to type "" on a keyboard. However, in their correspondence there is no evidence of even this much work having been done for me, nor even any claim to have done anything whatever for me. As you can read here, upon simple inquiry they would not answer questions directly about what they were offering, or where, if online, it was to be found.
EBG's references to "attachments" in this correspondence are deceptive: such references are only to the letters themselves. Also, when the correspondence refers to faxes, this a direct lie, since I do not even own a fax machine. One bill arrived in the mail; it was returned... with commentary. I returned a second bill "Return to Sender," unopened.
Next they threatened me with legal action, still wouldn't take "cancel" for an answer, and still wouldn't even try to show they've done anything for me.

At no time have I received a product of any kind, not a book, not a pamphlet, not a web link. When I instructed them to cancel the "order," even though this is in accord with Article Eight of their "contract," (it is really more of a very offensive advertisement) they IGNORED this directive, yet they have still given no proof of having done anything for me. If there is an online list somewhere - to which, again, they have never directed my attention - I would not be surprised that that is all it is, with one simple item listing my web site, and if so it is certainly NOT worth 990 Euros, plus "late fees" and "administrational fees," and then even "legal fees."
This is the documentation of most of the correspondence. I invite anyone, including my "correspondents," to try to show that this is a proper business dealing. Whoever these people are, they have given no proof that it is such, and have behaved in a purely predatory way.
When the "company" continued to harass me, including with automated debt-collection phone calls that I would just hang up on, I created this page. Then their "law firm" wrote me a threatening letter, which I include below. Their first threat of a legal fee was for 800 Euros - but then the "firm" itself only wanted 300 Euros. Maybe they are getting soft... or maybe they are having a sale? Or maybe they should just go away!
Again, for your convenience, I offer therse links:
A long blog about them.
Something about the "company" itself.
A Facebook group that tracks them.

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