SONGS, BOOK ONE: A.R. Ammons Settings
For Tenor and Guitar

by Christopher Fulkerson

CF with Hostbaby Check
"In Dollars Fiat"
CF in 2012 with his first royalty check as a recording producer
for sale of the double CD Set

Fulkerson - Babbitt - Carter - Davies: Modernism Forever

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This collection, begun in 2001, is so far nineteen minutes in duration and contains the following pieces:

1. Muse; Duration: 2 1/2'
2. Staking Claim; Duration: 2 1/2'
3. One Composing; Duration: 2 1/2'
4. He Held Radical Light; Duration: 2 1/2'
---Score -- Soundfile with synthisized voice -- Soundfile with English Horn
5. Cleavage; Duration: 1/2'
--- Score -- Soundfile -- CLEAVAGE: THE MOTION PICTURE!
6. Speaking; Duration: 1'
7. Gain; Duration: 2'
8. Motion, In a Theme with Thirteen Variations; Duration: 3 1/2'
--- Score -- Soundfile
9. Ritual for Eating the World; Duration: 2'

I plan to continue adding songs to this collection until it seems complete, and then I'll start another one.
The texts are used by permission of the publisher.


Last Updated 2/7/2012