SONGS, BOOK THREE: Ribald Russian Classics
For Tenor and Guitar

by Christopher Fulkerson
CF's Composition Desk

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These are rather naughty compositions. I am having a great time writing them, and I hope they are a lot of fun to perform. They are short dramatic pieces with, I am pleased to say, a lot of action.

To date, this collection, begun in 2010, contains the following pieces:

1. The Soldier and the Woman of Little Russia (2010); Duration: 6'

I have adapted the texts from the collection published by Charles Carrington in Montmartre in 1897. The anonymous translator used a volume entitled "Rouskiya Zavelnuiya Skazki" as his source. My versions are copyright 2010.

I plan to continue adding compositions to this collection until it seems complete.


Posted 3/11/2010. Updated 6/22/2010.