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Introductory Pages for the Online Community:

A Short Course in How to Teach Yourself About Contemporary Music
Including a Testimonial From an Online User

An Open Letter to Michael Tilson Thomas

A gala program given by Jean-Louis LeRoux and the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
At the San Francisco Opera House, Wednesday, February 9th, 1983
With Guest Conductor Frank Zappa, and Mistress of Ceremonies Grace Slick
Program Guide by Christopher Fulkerson

On the Sentencing of Dzokhar Tsernaev, the Surviving Boston Marathon Terrorist
(Yes, Unfortunately, this Impinges on Music)

The Situation of the Modern Orpheus

Judgment Calls: An Unrepentant Modernist's' Hierarchy of Modern Composers

Short Essays On Certain Essentials of Music

Aphorisms About Music and Artistry: An Ongoing Collection

My Influences

My Musical Lineage

At the Very Mention of Reading Peter Shaffer's Play "Amadeus"


Essays, Articles, Occasional Pieces, and Videos

Geographical Implications of Thomas Tallis' Forty Voice Memory Initiation Motet SPEM IN ALIUM

How to Create and Maintain a Studio for Musical Composition

Creating "Truth Content" In Music

A Glossary of Terms I Use Perhaps Differently Than Others Do

A Videoconferenced Address to the College of Arts
University of New England, Australia
Includes a Downloadable Video of the Presentation

An Introduction to T.W. Adorno: An Essay In Progress

The Pornography of Boredom: Against Minimalism

On Reckoning a Composer's Influence

Neo-Classicism, Quotation, and Paraphrase In the Piano Music of Harold Shapero

One Hour with Opera America

Eugene Onegin: A Pushkin Collage

The Canti Lunatici of Bernard Rands

Andrew Imbrie's Piano Concerto Number Two

Prokofiev's First Violin Concerto

Expressionism In Music
Program Book for a series of three concerts given by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
In conjunction with the Goethe Institute and the SFMOMA, January 1981

Remembering Anthony Milner, British Composer, Catholic Knight

A Brief Biography of Anton von Webern
Immediately Below: CF's Brief Remarks on Webern for SmithMag on YouTube
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What It Means to Be a Composer

The Cagey Mr. Cage

Dragons, Sirens and Heroes: Uncoiling the Combat Myth in Wagner's Ring

--For the Program Guide of the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival 1983
The Music of Gyorgy Kurtag
--For "The First American All-Kurtag Program"
--Note: Excerpts of this essay appeared without acknowledgment in the New Yorker
Edward Hopper: Music of His Time
--Program Book to a Series of Three Concerts Given by the SFCMP, February 1982
Program Notes to the 1983-1984 Inaugural Season of the Chamber Symphony of SF
Program Notes to the 1984 Season of Chamber Music West
Program Notes to Three Complete Seasons of SF Contemporary Music Players Concerts
Program Notes to All Ariel and Composers Chamber Players Concerts
An Introduction to the Pops, and, Biographies of Pops Performers

--San Francisco Symphony Summer 1986 Program Guide
Liner Notes to Works of Peterson, Rochberg, Felciano, and Boone
--The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Grenadilla Records GS-1063
Respighi and Bennett Violin Sonatas
--Liner Notes to Orion Records ORS 82439 by the Malan-Sutherland Duo
Record Reviews for High/Performance Review
Understanding Contemporary Music
--The Berkeley Graduate, February 1982
Music as Place
--The Berkeley Graduate, January 1981
And Other Articles for the Berkeley Graduate

LecturesChristopher Fulkerson

"Such Grand Primary Motives:" The Alchemy of Transition in Wagner's Music
--The Background, Development, and Dramatic and Philosophical Application of Wagner's Technique of Transition
--The Wagner Society of California, Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, June 9, 2012
On the Flying Dutchman

--1 1/2 Hour Talk for the Wagner Society of Northern California
--The Dollar Board Room of the SF Ballet, June 7, 2003
Why Is Wagner's Music So Exhilaratingly Beautiful?
--Two-Hour Talk On Wagner's Musical Devices, for the Wagner Society of N. California
--The Dollar Board Room of the SF Ballet, April 28, 2001
New Approaches to Solfege
--On Fixed Chromatic Solfege, with Performances of Duets from VOCAL MUSICIANSHIP
--For the College Music Society Pacific Central Chapter Annual Conference
--Stanislas State University, March 6, 1996
On Art and Entertainment
--To the Women's Relief Society, Orinda, March 1989
An Introduction to Dissonant Counterpoint, Including Remarks On Adjunct Pitches
--To the UCLA Music Department, May 6, 1985
The State of the Arts
--To the Economic Round Table, January 8, 1985
Pre-Performance Preparation for Tension in Performance
--Paper Read to the International Society for the Study of Tension In Performance
--Westminster Choir College, Princeton, July 31, 1985
Structure and Idiom in Gesualdo's Sixth Book of Madrigals
--To the Conservatory of Music, The University of the Pacific, march 18, 1985
Regarding Pierre Boulez
--Paper Read to the UC Berkeley Music Department Camerata, February 1981


On Planning How Fast the Words Should Go By
Schoenberg's Beethoven Quotations: Structure and Detail
Humor in the Scherzo of Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 18 #4
Sonata Principle In the Music of Wagner
On Bach's Treatment of the Minor Sixth
Notes On Dissonant Counterpoint
A Theory of Adjunct Pitches
Why Intervals Are Not Invertible
What a Vocal Ensemble Is and How to Rehearse One
On Karl Popper's Notion of What Musical Expressionism Is
John Coltrane, Giant Steps, and Jazz

Courses of Study

A Short Course in How to Teach Yourself About Contemporary Music
Including a Testimonial From an Online User

A Music Theory and Sight-Singing Curriculum for the San Francisco Girls Chorus
First Published in the SFGC Handbook

VOCAL MUSICIANSHIP, a Three-Volume Musicianship Textbook for Children Ages Six to Sixteen

Listening to Music, A Music Appreciation Course, for the University of California Extension

A Course In Form and Analysis

A Complete Course in the Theory and Composition of Music

Short Essays On Certain Essentials of Music Theory and History


THE RING OF THE DARKLING, a prose-poetic translation and augmentation of Wagner's DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, incorporating further story elements and mythological and linguistic research into Wagner's libretti, preserving the Stabreim and meter while rendering the large and idiosyncratic vocabulary into idiomatic English. The character and place names are also translated. The projected titles are:
--The Pure Gold
--The War Goddess
--The Enshadowing of the Immortals

CLICK HERE to read about the progress on this project.


Driving San Francisco Sane, Including Quotes of CF from an Interview with Curt Sanburn
--SF Weekly, June 28-July 5 2005; Volume 24, Number 22, pages 15-21
CF And His Friends to Appear at Fulkerson Hall, Interview with Wendy Butler
--Artwaves Program, KHSU Radio, Arcata, May 29, 1998
CF, A Vocal Composer with Heart and Soul, Interview with Mitch Hampton
--Organica Magazine, Tampa, Summer 1989
An Interview with the Composer CF, Marylin Pittman
--The Wellness Program, KQED FM Radio, SF, October 3, 1988
Fulkerson Blitz, Four Hours of Music, Conversation, and Readings with Barbara Golden
--Crack O'Dawn, KPFA FM Radio
Interview with Gordon Engler on "Upcoming Events"
--KKHI FM Radio, SF, April 4, 1986
A Conversation with CF About His Recent Work, with Charles Amirkhanian
--KPFA FM Radio, Berkeley, May 3, 1985

Articles About, and References to, CFChristopher Fulkerson Conducting

CLICK HERE for some of CF's San Francisco and London taxi industry publications
Call Sign Magazine, London, England, November 2011
-- Announcement of premiere of THE LANTERN IN THE CRYPT
News and Notes, Announcement of 2/28/2004 Reading of A MIRACLE OF RARE DEVICE
--Newsletter of the Wagner Society of Northern California, Volume VIII, No. 4, Dec. 2003
Dispatches from the Border - Email Newsletter of Borderlands Bookstore, SF
--Re: 2/28/2004 Reading done there of A MIRACLE OF RARE DEVICE by CF
News and Notes: Christopher Fulkerson, Vol. VI No. 3, September 2001
--Newsletter of the Wagner Society of Northern California

SFCMP 30 Years: Commemorative Book, Issued March 26, 2001
--Reference to Premiere of SCRITTI DI LEONARDO
--Reference In: Former Assistants to the Music Director
Dictionary of Contemporary Biography, 29th Edition
--Melrose Press Ltd., Cambridge; Reg. 965274
Who's Who In the World, 17th Edition, 2000
--Marquis Who's Who, New Providence, NJ
Pacific Review: Class Notes, Page 27, Fall 2000, Vol. 87, No. 3
--Update Re: Opera Conducting, Publishing
SF Weekly: Brief Quotation of CF in Silke Tudor's Night Crawler Column,
--Issue of Sept. 8-14, 1999, p.10
The New Yorker, Andrew Porter, July 1988
--CF Attends the PepsiCo Festival
The New Yorker, Andrew Porter, April 1987
--Susan Jolles Performs the CF Harp Sonata at Merkin Hall
Supplement to Music Since 1900, Nicolas Slonimsky
--Five Entries Re: SCRITTI DI LEONARDO and Premiere Performances Given by CF of
--Works by Babbitt, Maxwell Davies, Kalmar and Shere
SF Bay Area Choral Directory
--Two Listings in each of the 1985, 1987 and 1989 Editions
Musical America: San Francisco: Chanticleer, Ariel
--Article by Paul Moor, November 1986
SF Weekly: Popularizing the New
--Article on CF by Gina Arnold for SF Weekly, January 1985
Editio Musica Budapest Newsletter
--January 1985 Re: Premiere of Sary Incanto
--November 1985 Re: "First American All-Kurtag Program"
SF Symphony Magazine, January 1985
--Michael Steinberg Quotes from CF's Article on Andrew Imbrie's Second Piano Concerto, see Above
The Sacramento Union, September 1984
--Nancy Steidtman on the Bay Area Music Scene
The New York Review of Books, December 1983
--Joseph Kerman Re: CF article on Dragon Lore In Wagner's Ring
Boosey and Hawkes Newsletter, Spring 1979
--CF Conducts Donatoni at the UC Berkeley Italian Festival

Plus: Various Newspaper and Magazine Reviews of Performances with Ariel; The Composers Chamber Players; The Berkeley Opera Chorus; Old First Concerts; the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; at the June In Buffalo Festival; at Mills College, et cetera.