By Christopher Fulkerson

This consists of the white pages below and a few others.

Download the Martian Dakhoonu'oon Dictionary
This consists of the yellow pages below.
The title comes from the Martian Warrior's motto:
"A warrior may change his metal but not his heart," which is expressable in the single word Dakhoonu'oon, with which the Dictionary begins.

This is the syllabary of a language I began to create in 1985. The syllabary as a mathematical design and the yellow pages below were written at that time. The document "A Martian Syllabary" is a later extrapolation of the orginal material. The language takes a few sounds I determined to be basic to the names and words created or borrowed by Edgar Rice Burroughs in his popular Mars novels, and uses them in patterns created in a systematic way, meant to suggest a mathematics: the 7x7 and symmetries are quite intended. Each symbol has both a linguistic and an archetypal meaning. It should be noted that the mathematics change with a change of direction of the matrix.

The sounds I chose to notate encourage certain sounds to perhaps have some iconic consistency.

This syllabary is entirely original. Burroughs does not suggest the specific shapes; these are of my own invention. None of the Burroughs names or words entire are preserved in it, except the syllables of the name of the goddess Issus, whose name Burroughs did not invent, though he changed her primary attributes to other than the traditional Egyptian ones. The meanings of each symbol are also of my own assignation.

Shortly after creating it I sent this chart and some of my work to the Burroughs Estate and to Disney Films, but received no reply.

The next stage of this project is to make the syllabary Unicode compaitible.

I have for some time been taking notes about a novel on the Burroughs themes. This would be as canonical with ERB's original writings as I could make it. I have as yet published no material of this sort, and in any case would first seek to coordinate with the Burroughs estate before publishing fiction using Burroughs themes.

Martian 1 Revised

A key to understanding the relationship between Ancient and Recent Martian, which together form Modern Martian.
Martian 7

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