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The sections of this CV are: Skills; Education; Academic and Professional Experience; Compositions; Performance Repertoire; Published Recordings; Published Materials; Honors and Awards; Recommendations; Scores and Recordings in Research Collections; Web Links.

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At the web site see the eponymous page


Musical Composition
                        And Related Theoretical Disciplines
                        Especially Contemporary Music and Opera
                        Includes Several Published Recordings
            Music and Art Criticism
             Essays and some fiction; Translation from German and French
Computer skills:
                         Website Construction: All work done on is by CF
                         Computer realizations: All realizations at the web site are by CF

Diplomas, Transcripts and other data are available online at CF’s Education page

PhD            Music: The University of California at Berkeley, 1986
            Dissertation: THE RECOGNITIONS for orchestra 1985
MA            Music: The University of California at Berkeley, 1979
            Thesis: CONCERTO FOR HARPSICHORD, 1979
BMus            Conservatory of Music, The University of the Pacific, 1976
            Double Major in Theory/Composition and Music History
            Double Concentration in Piano and Guitar
            Also: Voice, and Opera Production

Composition Studies with Andrew Imbrie,
S.R. “Dan” Beckler, Olly Wilson, Richard Felciano,
Walter Winslow,  Edwin Dugger, John Thow
Master Classes with Hans Werner Henze; Oliver Knussen;
Charles Wuorinen; Bernard Rands; Morton Feldman; Lejaren Hiller; Earle Brown
Occasional Studies with Elliott Carter, Bernard Rands, and Anthony Milner
Master Classes in Conducting with Harold Farberman
Conducting and Schenker Studies with Michael Senturia; James Dixon
Counterpoint with William Denny; Criticism with Joseph Kerman
Anton Webern with Walter Winslow; Acoustics with Richard Felciano
Voice and Opera with George Buckbee

U.C Extension Courses (2006-11): Norse Myth and Saga I and II; The Iliad; The Odyssey; War in the Ancient World; Virgil’s Aeneid
Stanford Continuing Studies Beginning Website Design Class 2003, Course Grade, A
Cortina Institute (“Famous Writer’s School”) Writing Course 2002-04
Private Greek and Sanskrit Studies with Paul Howard Brown, 1996-98

Reading and Spoken
Varying Degrees of Ability With:
                        French; Italian
                        Biblical Hebrew; Classical Greek; Latin
                        Russian, Including Old Slavonic Script
                        Sanskrit (SaMSKrTa)

At the web site see the Experience page


1974-Present            Musical Composition Studio
1974-Present            Freelance Conductor
3/1999-Present            Midi Computer Music Studio
Realizations created using the Sibelius and Encore programs
1/94-Present                        President,
                                    On Demand Publication of Works of CF
                                     Initially called White Sphere Group Publications
9/2005-12/2006            Bass Section Leader, Viva La Musica Choir
                                    Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California
                                    Austrian Tour of Salzburg and Vienna, December, 2006
2/1999-8/2000            Principal Conductor, The San Francisco Lyric Opera
Conductor of Full Productions of SIEGFRIED,
Cast and coach singers; run rehearsals; form orchestra; etc.)
5/96-8/98                        Cantor, Schola Gregoriana of San Francisco
Two Concert Tours as Guest of the
Mexican Government; State of Puebla, Mexico
1/95-7/95                        Computer Music Studio of John Caston, San Francisco
8/88-10-88                        Composer Fellow, The Tanglewood Music Festival, The Boston Symphony
1/82-5/88                        Founder and Music Director
                                    ARIEL, a Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Numerous reviews and programs available upon request
6/86-5/88                        Founder and Music Director
                                    The Composers Chamber Players
                                    Reviews and programs available upon request
9/85-5/86                        Founder and Director, the UC Extension Singers
9/81-7/84                        Associate Conductor,
The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
6/88                                    Composer-in-Residence, the June in Buffalo Festival
8/87                                    Participant, Composer/Conductor Program
                                    Conductor’s Guild Summer Institute
                                    University of South Carolina at Columbia
6/87                                    Composer-in-Residence, The June in Buffalo Festival
8/86                                    Participant, Composer/Conductor Program
                                    Conductor’s Guild Summer Institute, The University of West Virginia
6/86                                    Participant, Contemporary Music Festival
                                    California State University at Long Beach
12/85-1/86                        Composer-in-Residence
                                    The Layton Artist’s Colony, The Banff Center, Banff, Alberta, Canada
8/75                                    Participant in Vocal Performance
Internationales Jugendfestspieltreffens, Bayreuth, Germany
Also Attended Richard Wagner Fest, Bayreuth, Germany

At the web site see the Teacher page

1975-Present            Private Studio in Composition, Analysis and Conducting
                                     Private Studio in Beginning Voice; Occasional Class Teaching
2/2006-3/2007            Director of Academic Studies
                                    The San Francisco Institute of Music
1/2000-6/2000            Visiting Instructor in Music
                                    The University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music
                                    Stockton, California
9/95-2/96                        Mentor in High School Musical Composition Project
                                    Christopher Allen, student in Olympia, Washington
8/82-3/91                        Founder and Director, Musicianship Program
                                    The San Francisco Girls Chorus
6/85-2/91                        Instructor, The University of California Extension
                                    Music Appreciation and UC Extension Singers
6/86-2/91                        Self Employment: Music Appreciation Classes
                                    Course Outlines are Available Upon Request:
                                                History of Music
                                                Contemporary Music
                                                The Music of Brahms
                                                American Transcendentalist Composers
                                                The Beethoven String Quartets
                                                The String Quartets of Schoenberg and Bartok
6/85-6/86                         Instructor, The Music and Arts Institute of San Francisco
8/82-12/82                        Lecturer B (Assoc. Prof.), San Jose State University
Sabbatical Replacement of Brent Heisinger,
 Head, Theory Division
                                    Courses Presently Called:
                                                Music Systems 1,2,3, and 4
                                                Form and Analysis 103B (Former 146B)
                                                Music Appreciation 10A
9/81-6/82                        Associate in Music: Musicianship Instructor
                                    The University of California at Berkeley
9/80-9/82                        Contributing Editor for Music, The Berkeley Graduate
9/80-6/81                        Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Music
                                    The University of California at Berkeley
Assitant to Lawrence Moe, Daniel Heartz, and Bonnie Wade;
Total of Thirteen Classes
9/76-6/77                        Director and Owner, Stockton Sol-Fa Music Classes for Children

Church and Community Work and Employment

4/2011-Present            Driver and Partner, Metro Cab Company, Holder of Medallion #43
3/2009-4/2011            Driver and Partner, Luxor Cab Company, Holder of Medallion #43
2010-Present            Correspondent, SFTaxi Online Mailing List
2009-2010                        Correspondent, Medallion Holders Association Online Mailing List
3/2006                        Granted San Francisco Taxicab Medallion 9073
                                    Unanimous Vote by the SF Taxi Commission
8/2004-12/2005            Editor, Luxor Newsletter.  Monthly.
2/02-Present                        Driver, Luxor Cab Company
9/99-10/03                        Music Director, St. Gregory’s Catholic Church, San Mateo, CA
Direction of Two Choirs; Preparation of CD; Position also involved piano performance; commissioned compositions; arranging
7/98-2000                        Member, Committee of 1,000; St. Joseph Foundation
6/93-2/02                        Driver, Yellow Cab Co-Op, San Francisco
10/2000                        Chorus Member, Cathedral Choir, Archdiocesan Millenium Mass; San Francisco
9/92-2/93                        Tour Driver, Cable Car Charters, San Francisco
3/92-6/92                        Tour Bus Driver Guide, The Gray Line, San Francisco
7/91-3/92                        Driver, Yellow Cab Co-Op, San Francisco
10/88-3/92                        Music Director, Christ United Presbyterian Church, Japantown, San Francisco
9/88-6/89                        Music Director, Christ Lutheran Church, San Lorenzo,CA
9/85-3/88                        Music Director, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco
2/83-2/88                        Tenor Soloist, Church of Christ the Saviour
                                    Convent of Our Lady of St. Vladimir, San Francisco
                                    Russian Orthodox Services, Slavonic in Kyrillic script
3/84-9/84                        Music Director, Ebenezar Lutheran Church, El Cerrito
9/82-3/84            Music Director, St. Raymond’s Catholic Church, San Ramon
9/81-6/82                        Music Director, Grace Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek
3/81-9/81                        Music Director, St. James Lutheran Church, San Leandro
10/78-9/80                        Music Driector, First Congregational Church, Alameda
9/76-6/77                        Music Director, Grace Presbyterian Church, Stockton
9/74-6/76                        Music Director, Immanual Lutheran Church, Stockton

Community Involvement

9/2011-Present             Participant in LinkedIn discussion at the International Alliance of Composers
Topic: “How Can I Work and Learn Composition at the Same Time?”
1/2011-Present            Regular appearances speaking at the SF Municipal Transportation  Agency Board of Directors meetings;
These can be found at SFGOVtv. Certain items are at CF's webpage ESSAYS ABOUT THE SF TAXI INDUSTRY
2008-Present            Editor, Wikipedia
2000-2003                        Consultant, Medianet (Poland) Music Appreciation Project,
                                    In Conjunction with Naxos Records
1997-1998                        Founder, the Party of Universal Responsibility
1987-1989                        Founding Member, Planning Committee           
The San Francisco New Music Calendar
9/88-12-89                        Member, Plan Development Group
to recommend an Arts Policy Plan for the City of San Francisco
                                    The San Francisco Arts Commission
                                                With the San Francisco Planning Commission
And the State/Local Partnership
7/86-2/88                        Chairman, Music Programming Committee
The Waterfront Theater Project, Ghirardelli Square,  San Francisco
1985-1988                        Board of Directors, American Concert Association
5/86                                    Adjudicator, Scholarship Program, the SF Musical Club
9/84-6/85                        Consultant, American Institute of Architects for
SETTINGS: A Celebration of the Urban Arts.  Festival June 1985
                                    In Conjunction with the 1985 National AIA Convention
6/84                                    Adjudicator, SF Young Pianists Competition, San Francisco State University
1/83-6/83                        Producer, Spring Concert Series, Saint Raymond’s Catholic Church

At the web site see the Principal Works page
Except for the opera currently in progress, no incomplete works are listed here
Works marked with an asterisk* are part of the multi-event music festival work in progress
For more about this work in progress, see the essay “A Sketch of ‘the Festival’” at the web site

Commissions Outstanding
            For Emily Stern, of Zurich, Switzerland: a song cycle for mezzo and piano
             For Rita D’Arcangelo, of Gorzow, Poland; a piece for flute and piano
             For Michael Ferguson, of San Francisco, California; a piano piece
            For a new Edition of ST. PEREGRINE’S CONCERTO, for/with Henri Bok of Rotterdam

Dramatic Compositions

            THE NUERNBERG TRIAL* (1997-Present)
                         Opera in Three Acts to a libretto by CF
                         Work in Progress: see “A Report on the Opera TNT” at the web site home page
                         Due to the scope of this work it is listed here though not completed

                         Essay: TNT, A Report On the Progress of the Opera

            A MIRACLE OF RARE DEVICE* (2001-03) (Bradbury)
Dramatic Recital in Three Acts
For soprano, clarinet, and piano
For Concerted or Staged Performance

Music for Orchestra

            MOYS ICOS* (2006-2008)
                        For string orchestra with percussion
            THE RECOGNITIONS* (1985)

Music for Voices with Instruments

            SONGS, BOOK ONE: A.R.AMMONS POEMS* (2001-present) 
                        For tenor and guitar (Collection in Progress)
One Composing – Muse – Speaking - Gain – He Held Radical Light - Cleavage
            SONGS, BOOK TWO: POEMS BY VARIOUS POETS* (2001-Present)
For tenor and guitar (Collection in Progress)
                        To Artemis – Tiburon – Whispered In the Afternoon
                         The Soldier and the Woman of Little Russia
             ECHOES OF T.S.ELIOT (1976-2004) for soprano and piano
            KUBLA KHAN* (2002) (Coleridge) for tenor, alto flute, viola, and guitar
            THE HIDDEN LAW, LIKE LOVE* (1995) (Auden) for tenor and guitar
Law Like Love – Interlude – The Hidden Law
            THE TRUTH ABOUT CINDERELLA* (1988) (Roger Mitchell)
                        For mezzo with quartet of viola, guitar, and two clarinets
                        Written for a Tanglewood Liederabend for Hans Werner Henze
            ONE WINTER SPARROW* (1988) (W.S.Merwin)
                        Soprano, treble chorus, and piano
            REMEMBER THE STARS* (1985) (W.S.Merwin)
For SATB soloists and treble chorus with viola, guitar and two clarinets
            SCRITTI DI LEONARDO*  (1983) (Italian text by Leonardo da Vinci)
For tenor solo, SATB quartet, flute, bass clarinet, viola, guitar, and harp           
            NIGHT LITANY* (1981) (Ezra Pound)
                        For mezzo soprano, flute, bassoon, and percussion
            SO THAT* (1981) (Ezra Pound: Canto XVII)
                        For soprano, mezzo soprano and baritone soloists and chamber orchestra
            RHAPSODY CONCERTANTE (1978) (Latin text by Catullus)

Chamber Music for Instruments

            THE SWEEP OF THEIR LYRE* (2009) for septet
             CEREMONIAL III* (2004) for oboe, trumpet, horn, and cello
            CEREMONIAL II* (2000) for flute and bassoon
                        Commissioned by Katharine Hammond           
            DEL SUO PEL CONTESTA* (1996) (“With Its Billowing Hair”)
                        Fourth Michelangelo Fantasy
                        Commissioned by John Casten
                        Cadenzas and Miniatures for violin solo, two violins and two violas
            DOMES* (1996) A Study of Del Suo Pel Contesta
Third Michelangelo Fantasy; For three players of thirty cymbals
            L’ALTRUI MAN VESTE* (1995) (“Clothes Another’s Hand”)
                        Second Michelangelo Fantasy; for string trio
            WILLOW, or, FREEDOM’S FAVOR’S FALCONER* (1995)
                        For four recorders or four melody instruments
                        Commissioned by the Prairie Pipes
            DUO NEVI* (1993) “(Two Snows”) for violin and contrabass
                        First Michelangelo Fantasy
            E PIU DI CENTO SPIRTI* (1989) (“And More Than A Hundred Spirits”)
                        Quartet for harp, glockenspiel, vibraphone, and marimba
                        Companion piece for L’UCCEL DIVINO for harp
            MA PER QUEL POCO* (1988) (“But Through That Small Space”)
                        Third Purgatory Sonata, octet
                        Written at the Request of Oliver Knussen
            LA TURBA CHE RIMASE LI* (1988)
(“The Crowd That Remained There”)           
                        Second Purgatory Sonata, trio for viola, harp, and percussion
            OH OMBRE, VANE* (1988) (“Oh Vain Shades”)
                        First Purgatory Sonata, quartet for viola, guitar, and two clarinets
            THE CHILDERMASS* (1986)
                        Septet for two clarinets, horn, violin, bass, and percussion
                        Written for The Composers Chamber Players
            SAINT PEREGRINE’S CONCERTO* (1987)
                        Chamber Concerto, for bass clarinet and percussion
                        Written for the Duo Contemporaine (Amsterdam)
                        For two antiphonal woodwind quartets
                        Commissioned by David Hall
            CANTILENA DI FIORITURE* (1980) (“Florid Cantilation”)
                        Duodecimet for brass; Written for the UC Concert Band
                        With oboe, clarinet, mandolin, guitar, harp, violin and viola
                        First Prize in the US System I.C.E. Competition (Which See)
            CAPRICCIO (1980) for viola and piano

Music for Vocal Ensembles
            CELESTIAL SIXTIES II* (2009) for male sextet
                         Texts by Robert Hunter, Thomas Pynchon, and others
            MISSA PRO OMNIS ERGO QUI AUDIT* (1997)
                        (“A ‘Sending’ For Anyone Who Will Listen”)
                        Mass in six movements for two concelebrants, soloists and chorus
IN IMAGINE PERTRANSIT* (1976/1994) (“We Move About As In Dreams”)           
                        For four soloists and double chorus; Latin text from the Vulgate
                        Written at the request of Rabbi Bernard Rosenberg
            MAGICA MEZZA MUSICA* (1995) (“Medium Magic Music”)
                        Paganini Variations for antiphonal female octet
Text from the Hebrew Names of God
            MERA MUSICA MAGICA* (1990) (“Sheer Magic Music”)
                        Paganini Variations for antiphonal female octet
                        Text from the Hebrew Names or God
            CELESTIAL SIXTIES I* (1990) for male sextet
Texts by Bob Dylan, Melanie, and Buddhist Chant
                        Commissioned by Chantilcleer
            AT THE PARTY* (1990) (W.H.Auden) for SSAA voices
            EIN BLUEMLEIN* (1989) (German text by Maria Brubacher) for chorus
            E IO ETTERNO DURO* (1986) (“And Eternal I Endure”) (Italian text
by Dante) For male sextet; Commissioned by Chanticleer
            THE SCREAM THAT PEAKS PAST FEAR* (1986) for antiphonal octet
Written for Ariel
             ECHOES OF HART CRANE* (1984) for vocal octet; Written for Ariel
                        Commissioned through the American Institute of Architects
                        For the SETTINGS Festival (Which See)
                        Opus One Records release in preparation
            THE WHITE STAG* (1982) (Ezra Pound) for chorus or SATB soli

Solo Music
            SUITE* for Violoncello (1999-2005)
            DIPTYCH* for Trumpet (2004)
            SONATA* for Oboe (1999-2004)
            CEREMONIAL I* for Violoncello (1998)
SONATA* (1998) for violin
            HEBREW SETTINGS* (1995-present) for voice
                        Biriashiyithu; Aritsa; Shimeai; Psalm 117
            L’UCCEL DIVINO* (1998) (“The Divine Bird”) for harp
                        Companion piece for E PIU DI CENTO SPIRTI for quartet
            THE VIRGIN IN THE FIELDS* (1981) Flute Study in Florid Line
CAPRICCIO for viola and piano 1980
            VIOLIN FANTASY Palimpsest on Bach (1979)
            PIANO SONATA (1976)
            SONATINA (1976) for violin

At the web site see the Other Works page
            CANTUS FIRMUS WORKSHEETS BOOKLET (1995) w/web links for the study of counterpoint
                         Wizard (two versions) – Welcome to the Farm – Maria – Quicksilver Flow
            SWEET LITTLE JESUS BOY* (2003) for chorus
            THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (2002) for two equal voices
            MASS OF THE RESURRECTION* (2001) for Unison Choir and Piano
                        Commissioned by the St. Gregory’s Choir
SYRINGA* (1997) for flute
             BICINIUM (1993) for two oboes
            AVE* (1992) for harp
            PSALM 26* (1989) (In English) for chorus
             CHERUVIMSKAYA* (1987) for chorus
            THE LANTERN IN THE CRYPT* (1988) for double string orchestra
                        Third Edition, 1990.   Five Volumes, ca. 300 pages, available.   More to come.
                        Musicianship Method for ages 6-Adult; Used by the author in teaching
             SYMMETRIES, Musicianship Test Duets from VOCAL MUSICIANSHIP
             THE SCHOOL OF VELOCITY Vocal Musicianship Exercises
                        For the San Francisco Girls Chorus
                        A Music Appreciation Course in the form of a history survey
             HYMNS* (1985-present)
             PIANO PIECES, mostly studies in various dead composer’s styles
             PIECES FOR STRING QUARTET, ditto
             A VOCAL WARM-UP SHEET (2001)

            WHAT’S BECOME OF THE BABY* (Garcia/Hunter) (2008)
                        Versions for Voice and Harp, and for For Voice, Violin, Cello, and Guitar
            BEETHOVEN FOLKSONGS* (2007-2008)
                        For Voice, Violin, Cello, and Guitar
                         The Return to Ulster – Faithfu’ Johnie – Oh How Can I Be Blythe and Glad
             TWO JEWISH MELODIES* (1985) for equal voices

For a listing of these, see the Commissions Received page at the web site

Twenty-one of CF’s pieces were written on commission.    There are existing commissions for another three works, and a request for a new edition of another.

See the eponymous website page

                         From the Program given at Old First Concerts, May 10, 2009

A Double-CD Set Retrospective
                         The web page acts as the Program Book, and more.

                         In Fulkerson Hall at Humboldt State University, May 29, 1998
                         And at St. Gregory of Nyssa Church in San Francisco, May 30, 1998

             CF'S SENIOR RECITAL
the Conservatory of the University of the Pacific, May 6, 1976

The collected programs are in preparation.   The plan is to present them as “Interactive” pages, in which as much of the music, videos, and program notes as possible will be available as online links.

At the web site see the Performing Editions page

            Performances Given by Ariel under CF’s direction:
            Orlando di Lasso PROPHETIAE SIBYLLARUM* motet cycle (1552)
                        A reading emphasizing the work’s madrigalistic and ensemble devices
            Gerald Humel ET IN TERRA PAX (1987)
                        An idiomatic edition of this work, commissioned by CF

At the web site see the Repertoire page

            As conductor unless otherwise indicated
            Operas and theater pieces are of full productions unless otherwise indicated
This list includes little of the repertoire of twenty six years of work with amateur choruses at churches and other venues.   However there is a listing of one typical church choir repertoire available online at the same page at the Repertoire of the St. Gregory’s Choirs link.

Works in Alphabetical Order by Composer

FIDELIO by Ludwig van Beethoven, 1814 version in German; three casts
Conductor; Eight performances in 2000
San Francisco Lyric Opera; McAteer Theater, San Francisco
FIDELIO by Ludwig van Beethoven; 1805 version (West Coast Premiere)
                        Chorus Master; The Berkeley Opera
            CARMEN by Georges Bizet; in French; three casts
Conductor; Nine performances in 1999
                        San Francisco Lyric Opera; Victoria Theater, San Francisco
            THE DEVIL AND KATE by Antonin Dvorak
                        Chorus Master; the Berkeley Opera
THE SCARLET LETTER by Martin Herman; concert performance
                        Conductor; UC Berkeley Music Department Noon Concert
            CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA by Pietro Mascagni; in Italian
            I PAGLIACCI by Ruggiero Leoncavallo; In Italian
Conductor; Double-Bill with the SFLO at the McAteer Theater, 2000
By Charles Shere; Chorus Master and Second Conductor; Mills College
            LUISA MILLER by Giuseppe Verdi
                        Chorus Master; The Berkeley Opera
            SIEGFRIED by Richard Wagner; in German; two casts
                        Conductor; Six performances in 2000;
San Francisco Lyric Opera; McAteer Theater, San Francisco
            THE GROWING CASTLE by Malcolm Williamson
Baritone II soloist; performances in California and Bayreuth, Germany

At the web site see the Repertoire page

Too extensive to list here, this includes works by Babbitt, Basart, Berio, Boulez, Byrd, Carter, Davies, Fine, Fulkerson, Fine, Kurtag, Lewis, Osborne, Rands, Reimann, Schoenberg, Schuetz, Sessions, Shere, Sheppard, Sims, Stravinsky, Vieru, Webern, Willan, Winslow, Wolpe, and Wuorinen

At the web site see the Commissions Made page

For Ariel, A Contemporary Vocal Ensemble; All World Premiere Performances
            Robert Basart (American) STILLNESS AND THE NIGHT BECOME vocal octet                       
Gerald Humel (German) ET IN TERRA PAX for vocal octet
Charles Shere (American) REQUIEM WITH OBOE for vocal octet with oboe
                        Opus One Records recording (supposedly) in preparation
            Ezra Sims (American) THE CONVERSIONS for vocal octet
            Anatol Vieru (Romanian) OH, THAT YOU WERE LIKE A BROTHER TO ME for vocal octet

At the web site see the Recordings page

            MODERNISM FOREVER, Double CD Set
Nine works composed by CF, and one each by Babbitt, Carter, and Davies, with CF conducting
Released in 2006.    First pressing of 300 copies sold out
            St. Gregory’s Choirs NON NOBIS DOMINE (CD) (12/16/2001)
Works of Fulkerson, Janacek, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Bruckner, Mozart, Tallis, Byrd, Palestrina, Lasso, Victoria, Sowerby, etc.
24-page program guide by CF.   Edition of 600 copies sold out
“This CD is wonderful.  It is nothing short of a masterpiece.”
(Anonymous internet reviewer)
            Walter Winslow
                        NINETEEN MADRIGALS for five voices
                        Cori descrittivi di stati d’animo di Didone; World Premiere
                        Recording: Opus One #131
                        A limited number of copies are available from CF
            C. James Sheppard
                        LUMINARIA             (Sky Music) for soprano, tape, and instrumentalists
                        Local Premiere
                        Recording: Opus One #126
            John Donald Robb
                        REQUIEM for Chorus and Organ; Opus One #114

At the time of this writing in September 2011 has several hundred pages and about 500 downloadable items and is getting over 200 human visits per day.  It is being accessed from all over the world.  As a publishing enterprise and as a work of interactive art it was CF’s principal effort from early 2009 through early 2011.   Nearly all of CF’s scores are available there, many of his writings as listed here; the next stage will be to upload the recordings, only a few dozen have yet appeared.   The site is constantly being updated, and from the home page these pages try to keep the gist of new developments accessible:

                        What’s New at This Site
                         Upcoming Appearances

At the web site see the Writings On Music page

Articles About, and Interviews With, CF

Op-Ed: Avant-Garde Composer Shares His Music with Neighborhood Group SPECIAL Posted Aug 30, 2011 by Jonathan Farrell
            Article, “Driving San Francisco Sane,” by Curt Sanburn
                        SF Weekly, Volume 24, No. 22: June 29-July 5, 2005
            Earlier, unpublished interview with CF quoted several times
Brief Article, “Christopher Fulkerson,” NEWS AND NOTES,
Newsletter of the Wagner Society of Northern California, volume VI Number 3, September 2001.   Summary of April 28, 2001, lecture.
Listing, DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, 29th Edition                       
Melrose Press Limited, Cambridge;
             info @   Reg. #965274
            Listing, WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD, 17th Edition, 2000;
Marquis Who’s Who, New Providence, N.J.
            Brief Quotation of CF, in Silke Tudor’s “Night Crawler” column,
                        Re Blessing of Cabs at St. Boniface Church;
                        San Francisco Weekly Magazine, Sept. 8-14, 1999, p. 10.
            “Christopher Fulkerson And His Friends To Appear at Fulkerson Hall”
                        ARTWAVES Program, Interview with Wendy Butler
                        KHSU Radio, Arcata, May 29, 1998
            “Christopher Fulkerson, a Vocal Composer With Heart and Soul”
                        Mitch Hampton, Interview with CAPF
                        ORGANICA Magazine, Tampa, Summer 1989
            “An Interview With the Composer Christopher Fulkerson”
                        Marilyn Pittman, THE WELLNESS PROGRAM
                        KQED FM Radio, San Francisco, October 3, 1988
            “San Francisco: Chanticleer, Ariel”
                        Article by Paul Moor, MUSICAL AMERICA, New York, November 1986
            “Upcoming Events”
                        Gordon Engler, Interview with CF
                        KKHI FM Radio, San Francisco, April 4, 1986
            “Popularizing the New”
                        Article by Gina Arnold, SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY, January 1985
            “Fulkerson Blitz”
                        Four Hours of Music, Conversation and Readings
                        With Barbara Golden, CRACK O’DAWN Program
            “A Conversation with CF About His Recent Work”
                        Charles Amirkhanian with CF
                        KPFA FM Radio, Berkeley, May 3, 1985

Known Published References to CF

             Newsletter of the S.H.A.R.P Community Space, Re 6-7/2011, CF talk given August 7, 2011
             NEWS AND NOTES Volume VIII Number 4, December 2003;
                          Newsletter of the Wagner Society of Northern California;
                          Announcement of the 2/28/04 reading of A MIRACLE OF RARE DEVICE.
             DISPATCHES FROM THE BORDER - Email Newsletter of
                          Borderlands Bookstore, 866 Valencia Street, San Francisco, in the months prior to
                         the 2/28/2004 reading done there by CF.   
                          Reading included Acts One and Three of A MIRACLE OF RARE DEVICE.
             SFCMP 30 YEARS – Commemorative Book, Issued March 26, 2001
                        Page 30 re world premiere of SCRITTI DI LEONARDO
                        Page 32 re “Former Assistants to the Music Director”
             PACIFIC REVIEW, Class Notes, Page 27, Fall 2000, Vol. 87,  No.3
                        Update re: Opera Conducting, Publishing
             THE NEW YORKER, Andrew Porter, July 1988
                        CF Attends the PepsiCo Festival
             THE NEW YORKER, Andrew Porter, April 1987
                        Susan Jolles Performs the CF Harp Sonata at Merkin Hall
             SUPPLEMENT TO MUSIC SINCE 1900, Nicolas Slonimsky
                          Five Entries Re: SCRITTI DI LEONARDO
                          and Premiere Performances given by CF of Babbitt, Maxwell Davies, Kalmar and Shere
                        Two Listings in each of the 1985, 1987 and 1989 Editions
                        January 1985, Re: Premiere of Sary INCANTO
                        November 1985, Re: “First American All-Kurtag Program”
                        Michael Steinberg Quotes CF on Andrew Imbrie
                        San Francisco, January 1985
                        Nancy Steidtman on the Bay Area Music Scene September 1984
                        Joseph Kerman Re: CF article on Dragon Lore in Wagner’s Ring December 1983
                        Re: CF Conducts Donatoni at UC Berkeley Italian Festival, Spring 1979

Various Newspaper and Magazine reviews and performances

           With Ariel, A Contemporary Vocal Ensemble;
           With the Composer’s Chamber Players;
           Of the Berkeley Opera Chorus, CF, Chorus Director;
           At Old First Concerts;
           With the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players;
           At the June in Buffalo Festival’
           At Mills College, et cetera.

Individual Lectures and Talks by CF

             S.H.A.R.P. TALK
                         CF makes an informal presentation of the gist of his life’s musical work
                         Sunset Heights Association of Responsible People, Est. 1910
                         Monday, August 8, 2011; SHARP Community Space
                         "Creating an Integrated Music Performance Program:
                         Expanding Student Knowledge and Skills Across the Classical-Vernacular Divide"
                         A Videoconferenced Address to the College of Arts,
                         University of New England, Australia, Nov. 30, 2009
                         For a video of this talk go to:
            “On the Flying Dutchman”
                        1 1/2 –Hour talk for the Wagner Society of Northern Calif.
                        The Dollar Board Room of the San Francisco Ballet, June 7, 2003
            “Why Is Wagner’s Music So Exhilaratingly Exciting?”
Two-Hour Talk on Wagner’s Tonal, Textural, and Orchestrational Devices
                        For the Wagner Society of Northern California
                        The Board Room of the San Francisco Ballet, April 28, 2001
            “New Approaches to Solfege”
                        Lecture on Fixed Chromatic Solfege
                        With Performances of Duets from VOCAL MUSICIANSHIP
                        At the College Music Society Pacific Central Chapter Annual Conference
                        Stanislaus State University, March 6, 1996
            “On Art and Entertainment”
                        To the Women’s Relief Society, Orinda, March 1989
            “An Introduction to Dissonant Counterpoint”
                        To the UCLA Music Department, May 6, 1985
            “The State of the Arts”
                        To the Economic Round Table, January 8, 1985
            “Pre-Performance Preparation for Tension in Performance”
                        Paper read to the International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance
                        Westminster Choir College, Princeton, July 31, 1985
            “Structure and Idiom in Gesualdo’s Sixth Book of Madrigals”
                        To the Conservatory of Music, The University of the Pacific, March 18, 1985
            “Regarding Pierre Boulez”
Paper read to the UC Berkeley Music Department “Camerata,” February 1981

Published Essays, Reviews, Letters by, and Interviews with CF
At the web site see the Writings on Music page

Introductory Pages for the Online Community:
                         A Short Course In How to Introduce Yourself to Contemporary Music
                                       (Including a Testimonial from and Online User)
An Open Letter to Michael Tilson Thomas
The Situation of the Modern Orpheus
Judgment Calls: An Unrepentant Modernist’s Hierarchy of Modern Composers
Short Essays On Certain Essentials of Music
My Influences
My Musical Lineage
At the Very Mention of Reading Peter Shaffer’s Play “Amadeus”
             Geographical Implications of Thomas Tallis' Memory Initiation Motet SPEM IN ALIUM
How to Create and Maintain a Studio for Musical Composition
Creating "Truth Content" In Music
A Glossary of Terms I Use Perhaps Differently Than Others Do
A Videoconferenced Address to the College
                         of Arts
University of New England, Australia
Includes a Downloadable Video of
                         the  Presentation
             An Introduction to T.W. Adorno: An Essay In Progress
             The Pornography of Boredom: Against Minimalism
             On Reckoning a Composer's Influence
             Neo-Classicism, Quotation, and Paraphrase In the Piano Music of Harold Shapero
             Remembering Anthony Milner, British Composer, Catholic Knight
             A Brief Biography of Anton von Webern for SmithMag on YouTube
            What It Means to Be a Composer
             The Cagey Mr. Cage
            Inmates’ Story Intriguing
Letter in The Catholic Herald, Archdiocese of Sacramento, 10/26/1998
            Fantasy Hammered Into Unity: The Art of Ariel Parkinson
                        WOMEN’S STUDIES, Volume 22, Number 1, 1992
            One Hour With Opera America
                        On the Opera America Annual Convention
                        Commissioned for OPERA GUIDE December 1988 Issue
            Eugene Onegin: A Pushkin Collage
                        The San Francisco Opera, Fall 1986 Program Guide
            An Introduction to the Pops” and “Biographies of Pops Performers
                        San Francisco Symphony, Summer 1986 Program Guide
            The Music of Gyorgy Kurtag
Program Note for “The First American All-Kurtag Program” (which see)
Note” excerpts of this essay appeared without acknowledgement in a New Yorker article by Andrew Porter
            The Canti Lunatici of Bernard Rands
                        For the San Francisco Symphony Magazine, 1985
            Prokofieff’s First Violin Concerto
                        The San Francisco Symphony Magazine, January 1984
            Records Reviews
                        HIGH/PERFORMANCE REVIEW 1984
            Program Notes for the Concerts of the Inaugural Season
                        The Chamber Symphony of San Francisco, 1983-84
            Program Notes
                        Chamber Music West 1984 Season
            Dragons, Sirens, and Heroes: Uncoiling the Combat Myth in Wagner’s Ring
Essay for the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival 1983 Program Guide
            Works of Peterson, Rochberg, Felciano, and Boone
                        Liner Notes to Granadilla Records GS-1063
            The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
                        Program Guide to a series of SFCMP Concerts, February 1982
            Respighi and Bennett Violin Sonata
                        Liner Notes to Orion Records ORS 82439
                        The Malan-Sutherland Duo
            Understanding Contemporary Music
                        THE BERKELEY GRADUATE February 1982
A 29-page program book for a concert series given by the SFCMP
             In conjunction with the Goethe Institute and the SFMOMA, January 1982
            Andrew Imbrie: Piano Concerto Number Two
                        San Francisco Symphony Magazine, November 1981
            Music as Place
                        THE BERKELEY GRADUATE January 1981


On Planning How Fast the Words Should Go By
Schoenberg's Beethoven Quotations: Structure and Detail
Humor in the Scherzo of Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 18 #4
Sonata Principle In the Music of Wagner
On Bach's Treatment of the Minor Sixth
Notes On Dissonant Counterpoint
A Theory of Adjunct Pitches
Why Intervals Are Not Invertible
What a Vocal Ensemble Is and How to Rehearse One
On Karl Popper's Notion of What Musical Expressionism Is
John Coltrane, Giant Steps, and Jazz

Also: numerous short program notes and reviews, particularly for concerts given by Ariel, a Contemporary Vocal Ensemble; The Composers Chamber Players; the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; and THE BERKELEY GRADUATE

Courses of Study
             A Short Course in How to Teach Yourself About Contemporary Music
A Music Theory and Sight-Singing Curriculum for the San Francisco Girls Chorus
             VOCAL MUSICIANSHIP, a Three-Volume Musicianship Textbook for Ages 6 to Adult
Listening to Music, A Music Appreciation Course, for the University of California Extension
A Course In Form and Analysis
A Complete Course in the Theory and Composition of Music
Short Essays On Certain Essentials of Music Theory and History


A prose-poetic translation and augmentation of Wagner's DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, incorporating further story elements and mythological and linguistic research into Wagner's libretti, preserving the stabreim and meter while rendering the large and idiosyncratic vocabulary into idiomatic English. The character and place names are also translated.
The projected titles are:

The Pure Gold
--The War Goddess
--The Enshadowing of the Immortals
This work is completed through Part One, The Pure Gold

A Progress Report on the [Ring of the Darkling] Project

Translations of Poetry from Various Languages
                         Poems by Catullus – Walter von der Vogelweide – Trakl - Bonnefoy


             Driving San Francisco Sane, Including Quotes of CF from an Interview with Curt Sanburn
                         SF Weekly, June 28-July 5 2005; Volume 24, Number 22, pages 15-21
             CF And His Friends to Appear at Fulkerson Hall, Interview with Wendy Butler
                         Artwaves Program, KHSU Radio, Arcata, May 29, 1998
             CF, A Vocal Composer with Heart and Soul, Interview with Mitch Hampton
                         Organica Magazine, Tampa, Summer 1989
             An Interview with the Composer CF, Marylin Pittman
                         The Wellness Program, KQED FM Radio, SF, October 3, 1988
             Fulkerson Blitz, Four Hours of Music, Conversation, and Readings with Barbara Golden
                         Crack O'Dawn, KPFA FM Radio
             Interview with Gordon Engler on "Upcoming Events"
                         KKHI FM Radio, SF, April 4, 1986
             A Conversation with CF About His Recent Work, with Charles Amirkhanian
                         KPFA FM Radio, Berkeley, May 3, 1985

At the web site see the Other Writings page

Research In the Fine Arts and Philosophy:

              Writings and Research on Classical Literature
                       Operation "Trojan Horse Tamer"
                         Who, and What, "Homer" Is
Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ: Their Relationship Across Reincarnational Divides
Aphorisms About Homer
The Rule of Silence: Dissemblance in Homer and Plato
Catullus Poems, Englished by CF
Mahadewanagari, A New Transliteration System for Sanskrit
The BhaGaWad GiiTaa, a Complete Transliteration

Online Reviews and Other Occasional Writings (See web site)

The Sciences of the Movements of Eons and Stellar Correspondence in the Philosophy of Kant

             The Saga of Snake the Swiver (Fiction)
Poems by Christopher Fulkerson
Translations of Poetry from Various Languages
A Pushkin Collage (for the San Francisco Opera)
Jesus Christ, Porn Star: the Photos of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
A Wonder of Philosophers: A Metadrama
Short Performance Pieces for Solo Actor
A Storm Over Chewing Gum (Fiction)
Autobiographical Writings
Fantasy Hammered Into Unity: the Art of Ariel Parkinson
                          Women's Studies, Volume 22, Number 1, 1992
Shakespearean Hate, Homeric Rage: When Political Policy is Expressed as Emotion
A Consensus of Four Philosophical Systems
Existence Within Cascading Interactivity
Waiting for Godwin: On Certains Patterns in Philosophy and Politics
Sex Reversal in J.R.R. Tolkein's LORD OF THE RINGS Tetrology
A Method of Omniscience
On Bad Zen
On Interpreting Stories
Against "Post-Modernism"
Against Neo-Classicism
Against "Television Ethics"
On Integrity-Point Failure
Research Outside the Fine Arts:
Aphorisms: An Ongoing Collection


Essays About the San Francisco Taxi Industry
Two Glaring Republican Crimes
Two New Sciences: Time/Space Coordination; and Mechanobiology
Toward a Bonehead Course Curriculum for the University of the World
Stupid Ninja Jokes! and other Humorous Pieces
A Martian Syllabary
The History of a Scam: the "Europe Business Guide"
On the Idea of the "Double-Oh-Seven"
Remarks On the Recent Rise of Capgras Syndrome
On Fascism
On Democracy
Zero Point to Infinite Plane Reckoning in Theoretical Computer Science

At the web site see the Honors and Associations page

Grant from Ruth C. Jacobs
            to Assist Preparation of the concert FIRST VIEWS OF THE FESTIVAL of May 10, 2009
Grant from the Wagner Society of Northern California to assist CF
while preparing and performing SIEGFRIED with the SF Lyric Opera, August 2000.
            Recognition for Participation in the Schola Gregoriana
Tecamachalco Technological University
Puebla, Mexico, July 28, 1998
            Recognition for Participation in the Schola Gregoriana
                        City of San Martin Texmelucan
                        Pueble, Mexico, July 27, 1998
            Recognition for Participation in La Difusion Cultural
                        City of Atlixco, Pueble, Mexico
            Recognition for Artistic-Cultural Activies
                        Atlixco House of Culture, Puebla, Mexico July 21, 1996
First Prize, Arts Project Composition Competition of the Intercampus Cultural Exchange of the University of California (Systemwide; all campuses) 1979
This award, for the CONCERTO FOR HARSICHORD AND SEVEN INSTRUMENTS, is the only “First” yet awarded by the entire University of California system               
            Two Cash Awards, totaling $15,000, from the Rex Foundation, 1989-1991
Aaron and Abby Schroeder and Margaret Lee Crofts Composer Fellow
                        The Tanglewood Music Festival, The Boston Symphony, 1988
            Numerous Personal Grants to Assist Ariel Events
            Meet the Composer Foundation
                        Three Travel Grants, 1985 and 1986
            Composer Assistance Grant from the American Music Center
                        To assist performance of SCRITTI DI LEONARDO, 1983
            Associate in Music, the Music Department, UC Berkeley
                        1977-1978 and 1979-1981
            The Sandy Price Memorial Fellowship of the University of the Pacific, 1972-1976 For Undergraduate Studies
            Second Place, Mills Junior High School Speech Contest, 1968
            Second Place, Mills Junior High School Speech Contest, 1967


The American Music Center
The Wagner Society of Northern California
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: former Beta Pi Chapter President
             San Francisco Cab Drivers Association
             United Taxicab Workers


California Alumni Association
The Wagner Society of Northern California
             Academy of American Poets


Amateur Playreading: Meetup Group: East Bay Playreader’s Group Involves preparation and sometimes coaching
             Read the roles of
             Xerxes, in THE PERSIANS, by Aeschylus
            Thomas More in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS;
            Richard III, Scene I (in both English and German)
            Rudolf Hoess in THE NUERNBERG TRIAL
            Al Manners in TROUBLE IN MIND
            Trigorin in THE SEA GULL
            Jason in Euripedes’ MEDEA
Reading Aloud, English and Foreign Language Poetry, Drama and Literature
Recorded performances of poetry, the Bible, and Wagner’s RING are in preparation
            Ancient Classics
             Cryptography (i.e., I found the bold-letter code in the dust jacket of THE DA VINCI CODE)

For a wide variety of similar letters, including from colleagues and students, see also CF’s Recommendations webpage

            Elliott Carter
                        31 West 12th Street, New York, New York  10011

Posted at the web site:

            S.R. “Dan” Beckler, Professor of Music Emeretus
                        The University of the Pacific
            Olly Wilson, Professor of Music, Former Provost of the U.C. (510) 527-3604
                        500 The Alameda, Berkeley, California 94707
George Buckbee, Professor of Music, Former Conservatory Dean, Ret.
                        Krouvintie 2.B.14, Siuntio 02580, Finland
            The Right Reverend James L. Jelinek, Bishop of Minnesota
                        (612) 871-5311; Fax (612) 871-0552
                        Suite 201, 1730 Clifton Place, Minneapolis, Minn. 55403-3242

At the web site see the Scores In Research Collections page

The New York Public Library
            The American Music Collection
Contact: George Boziwick, Curator
            (212) 870-1647

Bibliotheque Bozidar Kantuser
            Centre International d’Information de Musique Contemporaine
            Conservatoire Superior de Paris
            Mediatheque Hector Berlioz
            Telephone 01 44 70 64 21 Fax: 01 43 87 82 01
            Didier Duclos, President; Jacques Taddei, Director

At the web site see the Home page


             To Buy or Hear Individual Items:
             1)            for the Double CD Set MODERNISM FOREVER Go To
             2)            for Christopher Fulkerson Conducting Walter Winslow, “Nineteen Madrigals:”
             Cori descrittivi di stati d’animo di Didone


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