It's Official: I got an "A Sharp" in Math!

A# in Math

CF with Hostbaby Check
"In Dollars Fiat"
CF in 2012 with his first royalty check as a recording producer
for sale of the double CD Set

Fulkerson - Babbitt - Carter - Davies: Modernism Forever


Ph.D., Music: The University of California at Berkeley, 1986. GPA: 3.844
--Dissertation: THE RECOGNITIONS for Orchestra, 1985
Retitled and Revised as AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

Ph.D. Diploma

Berkeley Transcript

M.A., Music: The University of California at Berkeley, 1979
Master of Arts Diploma

B.Mus., Conservatory of Music, The University of the Pacific, 1976. GPA: 3.34
Bachelor of Music Diploma
UOP Transcript
--Double Major in Theory/Composition and Music History
--Double Concentration in Piano and Guitar
--Also: Voice
--Twice made Dean's Honor Role
--President of Men's Music
Fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Composition Studies with Andrew Imbrie, S.R.Beckler, Anthony Milner FRCM, Olly Wilson,
Richard Felciano, Walter Winslow, Edwin Dugger, and John Thow

Master Composition Classes with Hans Werner Henze, Oliver Knussen, Charles Wuorinen,
Bernard Rands, Morton Feldman, Lejaren Hiller, and Earle Brown

Sometime Composition Studies with Elliott Carter and Bernard Rands

Conducting Studies with Michael Senturia and James Dixon
Master Classes in Conducting with Harold Farberman

Criticism Studies with Joseph Kerman
Acoustics Studies with Richard Felciano
Schenker Studies with Michael Senturia
Anton Webern Studies with Walter Winslow
Counterpoint Studies with William Denny
Voice and Opera Studies with George Buckbee

Participant, the Composer/Conductor Program, Conductor's Guild Summer Institute,8/87
---University of South Carolina at Columbia
Participant, the Composer/Conductor Program, Conductor's Guild Summer Institute, 8/86
---The University of West Virginia
Participant in Vocal Performance, Internationales Judendfestspieltreffens
---Bayreuth, Germany; Attended Richard Wagner Fest

Continuing Education (All Courses for Credit & Grade "A" Unless Otherwise Indicated)

College of San Mateo: Computer Science degree work; currently enrolled:
program begun 2013.
Canada College: Mathematics 110, Algebra I; Mathematics 811, Pre-Algebra;
College of San Mateo: Introduction to Computer Science, CS110

Stanford Continuing Studies: California: A Social and Cultural History, Prof. Kevin Starr (2015); Resurgent Russia, Prof. Barry Schutz, A- (2015); Lucan, Prof. Christopher Krebs, Grade: A- (2014); Demystifying American Intelligence, Profs. Barry Schutz and Thomas Fingar, Grade: A- (2013);Stanford Continuing Studies: Beginning Website Design, 2003; Dreamweaver 2008

U.C. Extension: Norse Myth and Saga I (2006) Norse Myth and Saga II (2009) The Odyssey (2009) The Iliad (2010) War In the Ancient World (2010) Virgil's Aeneid (2011)

Cortina Institute ("Famous Writer's School"): Writing Course, 2002-2004
Private Studies: Greek and Sanskrit Studies with Paul Howard Brown, 1996-98

Language Skills
--Reading and Spoken:
----English and German
--Varying Degrees of Ability With:
----French and Italian
----Biblical Hebrew and Classical Greek
----Russian, Including Old Slavonic Script
----Sanskrit (SaMSKrTa)